Backing Up Your Data

To keep your information safe, periodically copy your Chameleon drives to a different hard disk. Backups remain encrypted and can only be accessed with your Chameleon. You do not need to plug in your Chameleon to backup your data.

1) Find the ChameleonDrives Folder

Locate the ChameleonDrives directory by going to My Computer > C:\ > ChameleonDrives.

2) Copy to Another Location

Copy the ChameleonDrives folder to another hard disk. You can add the ChameleonDrives directory to your list of scheduled backups.

The Chameleon cannot distinguish between the original and the copy, so do not copy the backup ChameleonDrives directory to the top level (root) of another drive. Any subdirectory or network location is fine. As a precaution, if identical drives are detected, the Chameleon will not activate the drive.

3) Restoring Your Data

To restore your old Chameleon drive, delete the primary ChameleonDrives folder (My Computer > C:\ > ChameleonDrives) and replace it with the copied ChameleonDrives folder.