How to Duplicate a Chameleon

You can create a duplicate Chameleon without the original Chameleon present. A duplicate Chameleon is useful in case you lose your primary one. You may also want a duplicate Chameleon if more than one person needs access to the encrypted drive on your computer.

1) Plug in a Brand New Chameleon

Only new, unprogrammed Chameleons can be used for duplication. The original Chameleon must also have a recovery passphrase associated with it.

2) Open the Chameleon Manager

Located under Start > All Programs > Chameleon > Chameleon Manager.

3) Enter the Recovery Passphrase

Under the "Duplicate Key" tab (the only accessible tab), enter the recovery passphrase you specified when setting up your original Chameleon. Re-type the passphrase in the second box and click "Duplicate".