Help! I Lost My Chameleon!

Recover and protect your data even if you lose your Chameleon.

1) Create a Duplicate Chameleon

You can create a duplicate Chameleon without the original Chameleon present.

a) Open the Chameleon Manager

With the new Chameleon plugged in, open the Chameleon Manager located under Start > All Programs > Chameleon > Chameleon Manager.

b) Duplicate Key

Create a duplicate Chameleon by entering the recover passphrase you specified when setting up the original Chameleon.

2) Lock Out the Old Chameleon

Like changing the locks to your house, you can change the encryption on your computer's Chameleon drive. This locks out your lost Chameleon. Previous backups of the Chameleon dirve are still accessible by the lost Chameleon. Consider replacing the backups with the newly created Chameleon drive.

a) Duplicate Key

Steps listed above in Part 1.

b) Change Encryption

With your duplicate Chameleon plugged in, switch to the "Change Encryption" tab. Enter the new passphrase and re-type to confirm. Click "Change" when finished.