Password Management

Passwords are optional and can be added, changed or removed at any time after the initial setup. Passwords protect your Chameleon from unauthorized use. They are not meant to protect your data. You can make duplicates of your Chameleon that don’t have password protection enabled. These duplicates can access the encrypted drive without a password.

1) Open the Chameleon Manager

With your Chameleon plugged in, open the Chameleon Manager located under Start > All Programs > Chameleon > Chameleon Manager.

To Add a Password

If you did not create a password during initial setup, you can create a password by going to the “Password Management” tab and entering the desired password. Click “Proceed.”

To Change a Password

Select the “Change Password” option. Enter the old password in “Current Password.” Then enter the new password twice for confirmation. Click “Proceed.”

To Delete a Password

Select the “Remove Password” option. Enter the current password and click “Proceed.”