How to Change the Size of Your Chameleon Drive

If you run low on disk space, you can resize the Chameleon drive at anytime. You can also create additional Chameleon drives anytime from the "Disk Management" tab. In this tutorial, the words 'drive' and 'disk' are used interchangeably.

1) Open the Chameleon Manager

With your Chameleon plugged in, open the Chameleon Manager located under Start > All Programs > Chameleon > Chameleon Manager.

2) Change Disk Size

Under the "Disk Management" tab, in the "Delete/Resize Disk" area, select the Chameleon drive that you would like to resize.

Select the "Resize Disk" option and change the disk size by either selecting from the drop-down menu or typing in the desired size.

Click "Resize Disk" to apply changes.