Removing All Traces of Unencrypted Data

The standard Windows Delete, Move, and Paste commands leave traces of your files behind. These files can often be recovered using specialized tools. The Chameleon can securely Delete, Move, and Paste your sensitive information while scrubbing away any traces of the original files. These commands are only active when the Chameleon is plugged in.

Secure Delete

Right-click the file and select "Secure Delete".

Secure Move

Secure move a file by right-clicking on your file or folder and dragging it into the Chameleon drive.

Click on "Secure Move" to remove all traces of the data from its original location.

Secure Paste

Select your file and cut, using ctrl + X or right-clicking and selecting "Cut".

Right-click inside the Chameleon drive window and select "Secure Paste".